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SU Carburettor Tuning Software


For Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

WinSU will help find the correct SU carb needle for the following cars...

  • Austin Rover : Mini, Metro, Minor, Healey, Princess, Marina, Maxi, Allegro, Maestro, Montego, 200, Range Rover, SD1

  • MG : Midget, MGB, ,MGC, MGT, MGF

  • Jaguar : E-type, XJS, XJ6, XJ12

  • Triumph : Spitfire, Stag, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8



Software features include...

  • Simple user friendly interface

  • Suggests the best needles for your engine with lean/rich error

  • Technical library contains data on over 700 needles

  • Supports single/twin/triple/quad carbs running 0.09/0.1/0.125inch jets

  • Performance analysis gives power, torque, max speed, 0-60 time, etc etc

  • Gearbox info allows transmission loss and wheel power to be calculated

  • Additional 'generic' engine type will suggest needles for most other cars

  • Projects can be loaded/saved

  • Metric or imperial units

  • Needle dimension data can be displayed graphically or as a table

  • Overlay up to 8 needles profiles to compare them graphically

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